gE.CO Living Lab

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What is gE.CO about?

gE.CO Living Lab aims at creating a platform for bringing together and supporting formal groups or informal communities of citizens who manage fab-lab, hubs, incubators, co-creation spaces, social centres created in regenerated urban voids. These innovative practices are considered generative commons, because they are based on sharing and collaboration between citizens and establish a new partnership between Public Institutions and local communities, setting forth new models of governance of the urban dimension based on solidarity, inclusion, participation, economic and environmental sustainability.

How will we achieve this?

gE.CO will help generative commons around Europe:

1 | Building a digital platform for collaboration that will map citizens’ initiatives as well as those Public Institutions engaged in new forms of partnership with local communities. This way, generative commons and Public Administrations can finally be connected in a new network able to promote the exchange of good practices and legal solutions.


2 | Making toolkits using the results of the evaluation for scaling up sustainable generative commons and innovative local policies: best practices, recommendations as well as legal solutions will be developed for supporting the emergence of new generative commons through shared, public and open access contents.

The gE.CO toolbox
A collection of software services that allow communities to take advantage of free to use technologies. All of the software has been designed to help organisations carry out the tasks they currently struggle with.

Participation Toolkit
The Participation Toolkit tries to cover the needs of collectives to increase their visibility and participation by creating bridges between digital infrastructure and the physical world.

Temporary Use Toolkit
The Temporary Use Toolkit provides methodology and phases for the reactivation of empty buildings through temporary uses.

Governance Toolkit
The Governance Toolkit helps envisioning, planning and governing the commoning processes and is also open-source!


3 | Designing gE.CO museum, giving a dynamic representation of the life of generative commons and opening a critical dialogue between the past and the future, in a way that we hope will be useful for facilitating the raise of new experiences of commoning in Europe.



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